Conference Videos

For over fifteen years, Bill Leighty has presented his co-authored research on alternatives to electricity systems, for “Running the World on Renewables”, at energy conferences in the USA and worldwide.

Because humanity’s task is so big — nothing less than transforming the world’s largest industry from about 80 % fossil to nearly 100 % renewable, CO2-emission-free energy sources, as quickly as we prudently and profitably can — we must think “beyond electricity” to carefully consider energy systems based on Hydrogen and Anhydrous Ammonia as convenient energy transmission and storage media, especially for “variable generation” like wind and solar, in complete, integrated, optimized energy systems at “distributed” to continental and global scales.  The following conference presentations are largely redundant: a consistent theme which Bill advocates in diverse energy industry segments.

International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 2018, (IMECE 2018), ASME

Pittsburgh, PA
12-15 November 2018

Deep Decarbonization of Total Global Energy:  Hydrogen and Ammonia C-free Fuels versus Electricity as integrated CO2-emission-free (CEF) Energy Systems

PowerGen International 2017

Las Vegas, NV
6 December 2017

Bigger Market for Renewables than the Electricity Grid ? Hydrogen and Ammonia Carbon-free Fuels for Transportation and CHP

NH3 Fuel Association 2017- American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE)

Minneapolis, MN
1-2 November 2017

Ammonia Renewable Energy Fuel Systems at Continental Scale:  Transmission, Storage, and Integration for Deep Decarbonization of the World’s Largest Industry at Lower Cost than as Electricity

Electric Utility Environment Conference (EUEC)

San Diego, CA
8-10 February 2017

Bigger Market for Renewables than the Electricity Grid ? Hydrogen and Ammonia Carbon-free Fuels for Transportation and CHP

Intersolar North America 2016 Solar 2016-American Solar Energy Society

San Francisco, CA 
11-14 July 2016

A Bigger Market for Solar than Electricity for the Grid:  Hydrogen Transportation Fuel via Underground Pipelines, with Annual-scale Firming Storage

World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2016

Zaragoza, Spain   13-16 June 2016
Session 3:  Countries Strategies, Associations, Assessments
A Larger Market for Renewables than the Electricity Grid: Hydrogen Fuel for Transportation and CHP

Windpower 2015

Orlando, FL       18-21 May 2015

Session 8B:  The “Mostly Wind” Grid–Implications for Reliability, Markets, and Storage

Alternatives to Electricity for Transmission, Firming Storage, and Integration of GW-scale Wind and Solar via Hydrogen and Ammonia Pipelines

Juneau World Affairs Council

Juneau, AK    12 May 2015

Arresting Climate Change: Transforming the World’s Largest Industry

Ammonia Fuel Association, Eleventh Annual Meeting

Des Moines, Iowa
21-24 September 2014

Ammonia Fuel from Renewables-source Electricity, Water, and Air:  Technology Options and Economics Modeling

ASME-IMECE – American Society of Mechanical Engineers, International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition

Houston, TX
9–15 November 2012

Running the World on Renewables: Alternatives to Electricity for Transmission and Low-cost Firming Storage of Stranded Renewable Energy as Hydrogen and Ammonia Fuels via Underground Pipelines

National Hydrogen Association (NHA) annual conference

Long Beach, CA     4-6 May 2010

Begin Now: Design and Build a Renewables-Source Hydrogen Transmission Pipeline Pilot Plant

Stanford Reunion Class of ’65 Panel

Stanford, CA       
 22 October 2010

Risks and Responses to Global Climate Change

Use the timeline scroll bar to 18:49 min for Bill Leighty’s 15 min intro presentation.