Our Mission:

To carry on the Leighty family legacy of service and stewardship
by leveraging our time and talents, as well as our financial resources,
primarily in the areas of Earth Protection, Education,
Philanthropy, and Strategic Volunteer Engagement.


Our founder, Ike Leighty, said that starting a family foundation is like catching a porcupine.  First you throw a wash tub over it, and that gives you something to sit on while you figure out what to do next!

And, indeed, my brother and father and I found ourselves sitting on that wash tub in 1985.

As we began our journey into the world of foundations, we were grateful for the encouragement, enlightenment and inspiration we received from those we met who were also learning about the art of giving.

-  Jane Leighty Justis

Ike Leighty, Founder
The Leighty Foundation

Earth Protection

Running the world on renewables as quickly as we prudently & profitably can.

Strategic Volunteer Engagement

Strategic Volunteer Engagement is not a program, it is a core strategy for mission accomplishment.

Our Diversity

Our time and family interests direct & leverage our annual giving.

The Leighty Foundation Board Members

Jane L. Justis


William C. Leighty

Earth Protection Program Director

Robert F. Justis


Nancy J. Waterman

Secretary/Treasurer & Managing Director

Lisa M. Justis


Wayne W. Leighty

Vice President

Heidi E. Reifenstein