The Leighty Foundation (TLF) is a small family foundation incorporated under Iowa law.  Directors and advisors live in Colorado, Alaska, and California.
We award funds to tax-exempt charitable organizations.  Many of our funding decisions are made during our summer board meeting.  However, proposals may be considered at any time during the year.  We support direct charitable activities in our Strategic Volunteer Engagement and Earth Protection Programs.

We consider funding proposals that we have solicited.  We do not review or respond to unsolicited applications for funding.  TLF has no paid management staff.  We haven’t the capacity to respectfully and adequately evaluate, acknowledge, and encourage or decline the many unsolicited requests for funding we receive.  We appreciate and honor the innovation of so many persons and organizations in the nonprofit world.  We thank you for your understanding and for your continued inspired and meaningful work.

We generally do not consider funding for capital projects.  However, when we do, we are particularly interested in building design and energy efficiency, land use, and community planning – consistent with our dedication to sustainability and to sprawl prevention.  If you are planning a capital project, please review our “Investing in Capital Projects” paper.

Please review our program work and the funding we have done.  We hope our efforts inform, encourage, and contribute to your success.  We are committed to the wise allocation of human, financial, and natural resources.  We increase the impact of our grants by investing in organizations that strategically engage volunteers to accomplish their mission.  We encourage office operation and personal choices that reduce environmental impacts.