Covid-19 Resources for Volunteer Engagement

Energize is offering resources to support organizations during the coronavirus outbreak. Scroll below to find a free seminar and two discounted resources – The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook and the Everyone Ready online volunteer engagement training program.

Supporting Volunteer Efforts During Coronavirus

Energize has been compiling a list of resources to help leaders of volunteers deal with this continually changing situation.

Seminar: Engaging and Supporting Volunteers During Coronavirus

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Understand how to integrate online service into all volunteer involvement. Design virtual volunteering assignments and recruit, train, and support online volunteers. Include adding a virtual component to any volunteer’s service and assuring accessibility and diversity among online volunteers.

Receive volunteer engagement training at home

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The Everyone Ready volunteer management training program(link is external) provides effective and flexible training, online and on-demand, incorporating the best practices of today’s volunteer management. This cutting-edge skill-building program maximizes the ability for everyone in an organization to welcome volunteers and enable them to perform their best.   There are 40+ topics covering the best practices of volunteer engagement.